New way to bring down electricity cost!

Innovative open API cloud platform to reduce electricity bills by optimizing and shifting load according to day-ahead prices.

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How it works?

It doesn’t matter how much you consume electricity, but when you do it. In electricity markets, prices change every day and every hour. It is up to you to respond on the right time.

Our platform can be used to monitor consumers and producers and then find the best working profile. We offer fast and scalable platform with easy-to-use API to build your own demand response applications.

Get connected with Commercial consumers

Are you interested in optimizing your client’s electricity consumption in commercial buildings or industrial factories?

Combined with our powerful data analytics and machine learning, you can build complex custom made solutions for your client that take into account tomorrows electricity prices, weather forecast and all the local restrictions. This smart grid solution can save up to 60% on your client’s electricity bill!

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There are 4 steps to get connected!

  • Read the guide and register a device
  • Start sending data for our analytics
  • Get your optimized schedule
  • Create local rules for safety control

Go green while saving money With home environment

Power produced from wind, solar and hydro are cheaper. Our software can be used to shift your home to consume on cheap hours… and you don’t even notice until you have to pay your bill.

If you are familiar with connected technologies, you can create smart heating, cooling or electric vehicle charging solutions in no time.

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