New way to bring down electricity cost!

Intelligent software platform for connecting heating systems with real-time energy markets

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Timing matters

Today, it really doesn’t matter how much you consume electricity, but when you do it. In electricity markets, prices change every day and every hour.

We have built a cloud based software that helps electric heating and cooling systems to automatically buy the cheapest electricity possible.

Our real-time data analysis can keep the customer always in the comfort zone, while the power is consumed only during the cheapest hours.

Get connected with Smart buildings

We offer fast and scalable platform with easy-to-use API to integrate with any internet connected smart building or temperature control solution.

Combined with our powerful data analytics and machine learning, it is easy to build complex custom made solutions that take into account tomorrows electricity prices, weather forecast and all the local restrictions. This smart grid solution can save up to 60% on customers electricity bill!

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Thriving through partnerships and working together to deliver unique value to end customer.  

  • We help you create a strategy on how active energy management can be part of your future business model.
  • Win new customers or strengthen the existing relationships .
  • We will provide all the technical assistance to get things running smoothly

Go green while saving money With home environment

Power produced from wind, solar and hydro are cheaper. Our software can be used to control smart thermostats to consume on cheap hours… and you don’t even notice until you have to pay your bill.

Our smart scheduling actively reduces the amount of CO2 that is emitted into the atmosphere when electricity is produced. In a national scale, we help to balance the energy that renewables produce.

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