Introducing Themo!


Creating cleaner environment with pure design and innovative technology

This week we are releasing our first consumer product. For the last two years we have created a dozens of smart energy efficiency and optimization solutions in the industry and it is time to bring this technology closer to the end users. We are pleased to announce that Themo is available to pre-order directly from the web. It is possible to order the thermostat itself or together with the professional installer. Initially we are serving only Estonian customers.

It has been taken a big effort from our side to design a beautiful device that is pleasing to look at and yet it is using latest artificial intelligence technology to lower the energy cost for your electric floor heating as much as possible. At the moment Themo supports only direct electric heating systems.

What does it mean to pre-order

Being part of the first ones isn’t just getting access to an awesome product at an early stage. It also means that you can play a crucial part of the development process. Your experiences and feedback will be directly taken account in the final stages of creating this great product.

Pre-order now to be first to get Themo for you home and enjoy lower energy bills!

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