Lattelecom launches Themo thermostat to home and business customers


Lattelecom, Latvia’s largest telecom company, has launched a brand new smart home service for their customers and has chosen Themo smart thermostat with integrated SLS Cloud intelligence for electric heating.

Themo thermostat with SLS Cloud will be the sole electric underfloor heating solution within a suite of products and services that enable customers to upgrade their home or business to the IoT era. All products will be marketed by Lattelecom to customers under the new tet brand.

Themo will be ready for Lattelecom customers to use straight from the box. Its simple installation means that customers with a dynamic electricity tariff based on electricity prices on the Nordic and Baltic power exchange Nord Pool Spot will immediately start optimising their energy consumption thanks to Themo. In Estonia, Themo customers are reducing their annual electricity bill by an average of 30%, and in some cases, by as much as 60 percent.

Themo works by taking the day-ahead Nord Pool Spot wholesale electricity price, outdoor weather data at the particular location and the user’s pre-set temperature conditions to intelligently heat the floor when electricity prices are low. Themo learns the heat capacity of a home or office, so that it optimises room temperature while keeping electricity costs down. Lattelecom customers are able to remotely control Themo from the tet website and will have the functions integrated into mobile app towards the end of summer 2018.

We are delighted that Lattelecom has selected themo for its smart home/smart business offer. They are a pioneering utility that puts customers first, which matches our vision of making it easy and rewarding for people to take control of their energy use,” said Madis Uuemaa, founder and CEO of Smart Load Solutions.

The tet brand was launched by Lattelecom by entering electricity market for households in February 2017, while the launch of tet smart home services took place this month alongside the announcement of its Q1 2018 financials. In the first quarter of 2018, turnover of Lattelecom group has reached EUR 47.8 million, representing a seven percent increase when compared the same period last year. The fastest growth segments were in new technology solutions and entertainment services.

Established in 1992, Lattelecom is a provider of integrated electronic communication, television, electricity, Internet and IT services in Latvia. With annual revenue in excess of Euro 200 million, Lattelecom shareholders are the Latvian state (51 percent) and the Scandinavian telecommunications group Telia Company’s subsidiary Tilts Communications (49 percent).

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