Power optimization for the IoT minded

Energy markets of today.

In all over Europe we have different electricity markets where the electricity prices are quite cheap when the demand is low. However, when the demand is high, the prices skyrocket. This is because in order to satisfy the demand, we have to turn on our most expensive power plants, which in most cases, are most polluting as well.

Nord Pool Spot is the leading power market where the price for electricity is set for each hour. The price fluctuations within a day can be more than 400%. The advantage of this market is, that all the prices for the next day will be released around 13.00 Central Europe Time. The idea here is to let everyone know when it is wise to consume electricity and when it can be costly. In larger scale this will help to prevent power shortages in the peak hours and the need to invest in new power plants decreases.

Where we can shift consumption?

Although these peak consumptions are very costly to the society, our electrical devices still consume electricity based on local technological needs and do not take into account what is going on in the grid. However it is possible to shift electricity consumption where there are energy storages or buffers available.

The classical case is heating a room. If the heater is on, the heat energy is radiated into the room and when it is off, heat disperses to the surrounding environment. This can only be noticed when the room temperature is changing. The few degree change in temperature can hardly cause any discomfort, but it can save money depending on when exactly the heater was running.

The same load shifting principle can be applied to:

  • Cold storages
  • Hot water boilers
  • Electric vehicles
  • HVAC and ventilation systems
  • Water pumps with reservoirs
  • Wood chippers and other industrial processes
  • Many more

They can all consume electricity on the cheapest hours without causing any discomfort or loss of production to the owner.

Every consumer is unique

Every environment is different with it’s own restrictions. This is where you, as an integrator, can step in. Although we need to receive data from the local device in order to analyze the power consumption, we don’t need to directly control it. When requested, we will automatically send back the most optimal schedule and it is up to the local controller to act upon this or not.

Data security

Data security is one of our main priorities when it comes to private and personal information. This is why we keep our databases safe, following the data privacy standards and all of your data is encrypted.