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Lina De Bonis


Here I am! My first steps in Estonia, this nation so far away from where I live. I’ve traveled more than 2000 km, missed my plane, but eventually arrived at time to come join an amazing and innovative project, held by 3 young Estonians. They had this crazy idea to revolution smart thermostats by integrating in their system the real-time prices of electricity, leading to the creation of Themo (go have a look at it :

I needed a few days to understand this topic, I knew approximately what was the main idea, but I was far from getting the whole step forward that they’ve tried to implement since 2014, the creation of the start-up Smart Load Solutions.

I was finishing my first year of Master in Management and International Trade in France, and I had no clue where to go on my internship. I listed the elements that I wished to find and specified my researches. My key words were: start-up and clean technology. That’s how I ended up in Estonia, a small part of Europe with huge opportunities to develop in those fields.

First date with Themo and Estonia 
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Despite the sudden cold temperatures that I had to face, I was integrated to the team with lot of warmth and kindness. I was quickly introduced to the core that reunites us all: Themo. This first floor heating thermostats which optimizes your consumption by buying electricity during cheapest hours, where renewable energies are running in full swing. Smart!

Indeed, they take advantage of the fluctuation of electricity prices to save up money on your energy bill, and in the same time it contributes to reducing CO2 emitted in atmosphere as you consume electricity from renewable sources. My mission in the team is to deal with marketing and sales, a position that perfectly fits me, and that responds to the need of the start-up right now.

Step by step I am learning more about Themo and its optimization system, more about Estonian culture, and it is a true challenge to adapt to this new environment as coming from Latin countries. I’ve never been that North in my life, I get to hear Russian and the weird Estonian language. It’s quite disturbing at first!

High tech society

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You see a riding machine crossing the street? Oh don’t worry, it’s just a delivery robot prototype created by the founders of Skype.

I must admit that I am very impressed by the high technologies developed inside those walls where the office is set, a building hosting several young start-ups with plenty of rooms for meetings, conferences every day, kitchen and places to rest. I feel like I am in Google, right from Silicon Valley. But the European version of it.

I’ve had the chance to attend a fair, an innovation day promoting dynamic start-ups in Tallinn. Students who have just finished high school are creating virtual reality headsets, robots and clean vehicles. They are the future, and it is promising!

I can’t wait to be a part of those revolutions with the Themo, and to implement these changes overseas, taking into account our environmental responsibility in the sustainable transition that is setting up.

So let’s work!


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