Upgrade to the smartest heating solution available


Why do you pay more than you should for your electricity?

Looking how to make your heating more efficient? You came to the right place. Read below how to beat the electricity markets and reduce your energy bill!

One thing most people don’t know is the complex way that your electricity bill is calculated. Here is a short overview and how it can help you to pay less for your electricity:

  • First, there is a different price in every hour and because you have smart meters installed, you pay based on how much you consumed electricity in every specific hour (this is even true when you have a fixed price contract with the utility company. The logic is just hidden from the clients eyes. So by consuming at the cheaper times, the utility can offer you a better fixed price).
  • Second, the prices are always known 24 hours ahead. Go check your tomorrow’s prices at: Nord Pool Spot (click on the map, then CHART).
  • Third, the prices fluctuate and they fluctuate hard. It is normal that in one hour you have to pay 80€/MWh but 5 minutes later in next hour you have to pay only 15€/MWh.gridless-07

How can you benefit from this knowledge?

Well, I have good news. Your house is an excellent storage, where you can buy cheap electricity upfront and use that when the prices are high. Simply speaking, you can set your room to have a minimum and maximum temp (e.g. 20oC to 23oC) and if you have electric heating system, then you can heat the room to maximum when the price is low and let it cool to minimum, when the price is high. By doing so, you can save up to 20% from your electricity bill.


Use maximum power, when electricity is cheap and minimum power when it is expensive!



Also, when you consume electricity during cheaper times, a lot less CO2 emissions will go to the atmosphere (because cheap energy = renewable energy). So, besides paying less you will be environmentally friendly as well. The bigger temperature range you set, the more you can save. You can also set different temperatures for different hours. This is especially useful when you don’t want your house to be so warm when you are not there.


SLS – software that connects your heater with electricity markets.

SLS is the tool to connect your electrical heating with your electricity market. SLS software is the only one that will use complex artificial intelligence to completely maximize the effect you get from optimization and will make your heater operate with the least CO2 emissions. And your house is always as warm as you want.

With SLS you can set the temperature range you want for every hour. SLS machine learning algorithms will keep the room temperature in desired range while using the cheapest and cleanest energy available.

SLS intelligence will adapt to every heater it is connected to. Besides optimizing heating based on price, it will also look the weather forecast and from that it will know when your house needs more heat and when it needs less heat. This will prevent you from overheating the house and will provide additional savings.

SLS in action:

  • Machine learning learns the characteristics of your heating.
  • It will keep the room temperature between user set minimum and maximum in every hour.
  • By using the cheapest and purest electricity, it can bring your bill down up to 20%. Click to see a heat pump case study.
  • Using weather forecast, SLS automatically adjusts the amount of energy needed. No more over heating the house.
  • It takes into account the efficiencies curves that depend on the outside temperature.
  • Cloud flexibility allows users to add different restrictions.

However, SLS is just a suggestion service. You have the total control over your heating and can decide when you want the optimization and when not.

SLS Beta – available now!

We have made SLS available to anyone who wants to use this tool to optimize their heating. So we invite you to test your skill and connect your heating system to the most advance solution there is.

As said, SLS is software only. This means that you need your own hardware that will eventually control the heating based on signals that SLS gives. If you are not familiar with hardware nor programming, contact us and we will tell you how can you have SLS solution in future. Or demand this from your local (home) automation company!

If you are up for the challenge, here is the link to the manual of how to connect a heating solution with SLS. You also need to make an account in our developers site!

Here is one possibility how to do it using Raspberry Pi.

We do like to mention, that this is a beta version and all your feedback is much appreciated so we could advance the solution. Also, SLS beta is currently available in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. If you are from any other country, contact us so we know where to expand.

If you have any questions, we will give all the tech support we can!

*Worried about transmission fees (tariffs)? So are we! Although in Beta version the optimization does not take into account the transmission fees, it will be added with our later patch. This will help you save even more.

No time to connect?

If you are interested in having SLS intelligence but have no time to do it yourself, leave us your contact. Also, please mention which sort of heating system you have. When a solution is ready for your heating, we will contact you and advise how you can start saving your bill and the environment!

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