Arctic15: promote Themo in Finland!



It’s on this cold night of May 2, 2017 that I took the boat from Tallinn going to Helsinki. Indeed, during 3 days, Helsinki has been the place to be for start-ups and investors. Inside this former factory was hold the Arctic 15 Start-up, a big fair for Nordic start-ups and opportunities to meet up with investors, and new ideas that might shape our future. It’s high time to introduce Themo to Finnish market!

Now we talk business


With a Themo by my side (go check it out!, I went straight to investors from all nationalities and potential customers to promote our solution. Everything happened in the Dealing Room. Scary at first! Hundreds of tables settled in a vast room, with more people around, sitting one next to the other. 20 minutes to make a deal…or not. When you have 5 minutes left, the staff rings a bell in the entire room like if it was the 5 most important minutes of your life. You start speaking quickly, the investor asks his last questions, you finish to pitch, try to make a deal before the end!! Over. Next.

Before the meeting, we all check LinkedIn account of the investor, to see how he or she looks like. The pressure is tightening our throats, but we still rush of excitement! We exchange business cards, like a protocol to say “hello”. Sit on the table, get the laptop with the slides and let the game begin… We end up exhausted. It’s a challenging exercise, like a true fight to convince. Thankfully, the sun is shining until 10pm, so we still have time to relax and enjoy the city when doors close.

Themo on Finnish lands

blogpost a15 landscape

Nice city Helsinki, new buildings everywhere, clean squares. It’s so calm, even people drinking in the streets look quiet. They taste wine in champagne glasses though…weird Finns. The islands surrounding the city are beautiful. It’s wild, you see one old house at the top of the land. I was wondering :“Is someone really living here? Alone in the middle of nowhere?”…

After 3 intense days, time to come back to Tallinn, full of new contacts and potential investors. If something is sure, is that our Themo is great, they loved it, they saw huge opportunities to develop with us. Our first smart thermostat for floor heating systems really caught their attention. The return trip is full of optimism, we are on the right direction. Let’s keep on!


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