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I am facing the cold Finnish weather for the second time in a month. There are a lot of fairs dealing with IoT (i.e Internet Of Things) and AI (i.e Artificial Intelligence) that are interested by our smart thermostat. They are right to be! Here I come with a Themo by my side as fellow, ready to conquer our neighbor’s market.


When Turku meets Themo

The fair occurs in the city of Turku, with multiple stages where you can attend conferences from the greatest professors in AI, shaping the future of health, education, economy… Our smart thermostat definitely has his place there!

Despite the freezing temperature which tighten my throat, I am networking and promote our solution to attendees. We are the only start-up present in this field of smart thermostat to the fair, which makes us more confident for the future. They are all amazed when I get the Themo out of its box, they are like kids having stars in their eyes! (go check it out now! :

Everyone is happily walking around the area, briefly looking at the different stands’ exhibitions, curious about discovering new clean technologies, and fascinated by speeches of experts in high tech fields. They have a very optimistic vision of the future, ambitions to develop with AI, project to support with blockchains and plenty of ideas to empower sustainable development.


Smart Thermostat for smart cities

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It’s a sunny day, but don’t misjudge: it is merely 10 degrees out there. We all rush in the heated rooms of the castle and enjoy some conferences.

People I get to meet up with showed a lot of interest in our solution. Indeed, our smart thermostat could totally fit Finnish demand since customers are very concern about environmental issues and care about the sustainability of a product. Here I come as a hero with Themo!

We are definitely setting bridges to enter in the era of smart cities, one of the several topics developed in the fair. Cities are to be more and more connected to one another, and with its inhabitants in order to create a true community more responsible of their environment, which includes to find solutions to be more energy-efficient: like Themo is!

Already time to leave, it has been an interesting event for us, we attracted people’s attention with our innovation, and will be back for sure next year!


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